Community Well-being Atlas

Community Well-being around the world.

The Community Well-being Atlas provides insights on community well-being levels in different places around the world.

Are there communities that have significantly higher levels of well-being than others? What can we learn from them?

How do we build better communities?

First, we need to collect information on the various aspects of community well-being, citizens subjective well-being and their everyday life (Time-Use) and everyday life feelings (Happiness-Time-Use).

The data collected is going to be displayed online in a “Community Well-being Atlas”.

The Community Well-being Atlas is the scientific basis for developing policies that are focused on building better communities where people can live healthier, happier, and more meaningful lives.

Do you want to share your experience and contribute to making your city a better place to live?

You can do so! By participating in our international study for building better communities.

Well-being Profiles

The interactive atlas shows the overall levels of community well-being in countries, regions, or cities. In addition, profiles of various groups can be drawn by characteristics, such as age, gender, ethnicity, place of residence, or occupation.

This allows a comparison of Community Well-Being Profiles among specific groups, their subjective well-being, and their everyday life and everyday life feelings.


Study Process


Different City studies


Community Well-being Atlas


Planning of interventions


Evaluation of interventions

Smartphone applicaiton

Survey App

The Community Well-being Analyser will ask you for your community well-being, your subjective well-being, and for your everyday life and your everyday life feelings.

Your participation is, of course, anonymous and in compliance with the strictest standards for privacy and data protection.

The Community Well-being Analyser is available free of charge for use on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

How does it work?

The Community Well-being Analyser will ask you for your community well-being, your subjective well-being and for your every life (Time-Use) and your every day life feelings (Happiness-Time-Use).

And how do you benefit from this?

Create your own Happiness Profile and learn more about your personal happiness and your community well-being:

  • How happy am I (in my community)?
  • What makes me happy?
  • And what should I do differently to lead a happier and meaningful life?

Moreover, by participating in our research study you will make a valuable contribution to the desired political and social change: from a wealth-centered, competitive society towards a more balanced, well-being-oriented society in which community well-being plays an important part.

Even in today's globalized and individualized world, it matters where you live. Better communities can strengthen our larger society and improve individual lives.


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